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First off, creating a logo for your business is not branding. It is so much more than an image or one individual feature. To try and put it simply, branding is your business reputation in the minds of your customers and audience.


Marketing is the centerpiece of what you do as a business and how your brand is perceived by your audience. The way the product is made, services delivered, stories are told, etc. Every part of the process can affect your brand.


Refers to the promotional activity aimed to sell a product or services to a target audience. In the digital marketing realm, we use the internet to deliver promotional marketing messages to connect with the target audience.

“Build something 100 people love, not something 1 million people kind of like.”

Brian Chesky, Cofounder of Airbnb

Hashtags for marketing

Hashtags for marketing

If you use hashtags for marketing, you probably live with a level of uncertainty over whether your trending hashtags will still work for you next week. Hashtag keywords and key phrases on social media are an important part of any good marketing campaign, but they're no match for hashtag domains on the decentralized internet that can be purchased and owned forever. If you're looking for a high return on your investment, consider signing up on Hashtag.Space to purchase a hashtag domain you can use on the Web 3.0 as your new website's landing site and for all future marketing.

3 Reasons Why People Use Hashtags For Marketing- and Why # Domains Are Better

1. Restaurants, gyms, retail stores, and many other types of businesses use hashtags to connect with new customers and clients. Hashtags are widely used because they're an effective strategy to boost sales and increase brand knowledge. Creating a hashtag campaign using a mix of trending and niche hashtag keywords can result in short-term benefits- but what about long-term use of hashtags for marketing?

Unfortunately, the hashtag your business is using today can be found and used by your competition; in fact, the very companies you're trying to outsmart with your campaign could end up riding the tails of your financial investment. The solution: Hashtag domains on Hashtag.Space. Search for your business' name, relative product or service keywords, and trending key phrases that attract customers, then purchase them as a hashtag domain that becomes your digital asset. Hashtag domains on the decentralized internet belong to you at the unbeatable price of $24.95, renewable annually.

2. Business owners use branded hashtags for marketing because they're relatively inexpensive- cheap, if you hire an agency, and free, if you do your own marketing. Once you've seen the power of hashtags and how they can generate leads and new sales, you'll want to use them as often as possible. Make the most of your investment by purchasing hashtag domains that will work for your business instead of your competitors.

Location-based hashtags on Twitter and other social sites are always popular, especially when combined with the name of your products or services. A location keyword paired with your industry could prove useful, as well, such as #BostonRestaurant.

3. Finally, many people are still using classic hashtags because they're not familiar with the decentralized internet and how it's changing the way business owners market their brand. Using a popular hashtag on the World Wide Web makes it difficult for individual companies to get noticed due to the extensive munber of people posting content with a particular hashtag. Adding a niche to a trending hashtag is one of the better hashtag marketing tactics being used by marketing companies, but it's still not enough.

On the decentralized internet, it's possible to create a hashtag for your brand that eliminates the possibility of your hashtag being used by millions of other Web users. The process is simple and cheap; simply register for a free account on Hashtag.Space, search for your company name or popular hashtag keyword, then buy your own hashtag domain while it's still available.

Hashtag Domain Names- Here Today, Gone Tomorrow

The current opportunity to purchase # domains will only be available for a short timeframe; much like domain names in the early dot com days, the most popular hashtag domains will eventually be purchased by business owners, corporations, and individuals. Trending hashtag keywords are still widely available on Hashtag.Space, but that's soon to change. You can reserve your hashtag domains now at the unbelievable price of just $24.95 per year, and renew them annually for the same low cost.

What's Great About Hashtag Domains?

Owning a # domain is far better than creating social media hashtag campaigns that are likely to become mingled among millions of other posts and ads. Your small investment today will save you a lot of money over time; that's why it pays to purchase multiple hashtag domains.

Tips For Buying Hashtag Domains

  1. Buy your company's name, brand, or short message in the form of a hashtag domain
  2. Add relative keywords and popular marketing hashtags to your cart, as well
  3. Spend time thinking about hashtags that your competitors could use to steal business from you, and buy those, too

When in doubt, contact Hashtag.Space CEO, Robert Bibb, to request professional advice on buying hashtag domains on the decentralized internet. Reach Robert by phone at 1.304.933.1944. You'll never regret making the transition to the Web 3.0 where all smart business owners will sell their products and services in the future.

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Hashtags for marketing Hashtags for marketing