fbpx Real Estate Direct Mail Postcards

Real Estate Direct Mail Postcards

Real Estate Direct Mail Postcards

You may wonder if direct mail marketing is still effective in the real estate industry. After all, sending mail in today’s tech-based world may seem boring and outdated. However, recent studies show that direct mail marketing has a response rate of about 5.1 percent. This is a higher rate than paid search, online display ads, email, and social media.


This research shows that direct mail marketing campaign still works, especially for those in the real estate industry. The key is to deploy the right direct mail marketing campaign to this effort. Here are some tips for a real estate direct mail marketing campaign.


Find the Right Audience for Your Message


If you don’t have a target audience, then your direct mail marketing efforts will likely be less effective. Direct mails marketing works best with messages that target an audience who can convert. So, the first thing you will need to do is to find out who your recipients are. Once you have the right target, you can expect swift responses in the shortest time possible.  


But how do you find the right audience? You may want to start with any available house buyers or sellers in a specific geographical location. You can also check the public records and list of brokers.


Follow Trends


You will be wasting a lot of time if you keep sending offers to your potential clients when no one is considering buying or selling houses. Some research and experience, you will find that the seasonal trends in the housing market are somewhat predictable. For instance, a lot of people sell houses between spring to fall, so this may be the right time to send real estate direct mail postcards containing offers.


Create Quality Contents


The real estate industry is one of the most flooded and busy marketplaces. Your content can easily get muffled if you use normal, predictable, and boring messages. It is important that you stand out by how you design your real estate direct mail postcards, brochure, or flyer.


Make the message so memorable that your potential clients go through your messages more than once. However, you should not just stand out; if you are erecting a poster, it should be so strategic that your potential clients can immediately see them.


Create Urgency


When it comes to real estate marketing, urgency is a vital factor. If your prospective client waits too long, another buyer will purchase the house. This provides you with a simple yet effective way to create urgency in the personalized email marketing campaigns that you send. Urgency creates some kind of impression that if they don’t act now, the house may no longer be available by the time that they want it.


Want to leverage direct mail marketing for your real estate marketing campaign? Get in touch with MailKing USA today. Our team of experienced marketers can use the right strategies to help you raise brand awareness, generate leads, and grow your business. For more information about direct mail for real estate agents, call our customer service line 24 hours a day for support/questions.


Real Estate Direct Mail Postcards
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Real Estate Direct Mail Postcards
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Real Estate Direct Mail Postcards Real Estate Direct Mail Postcards